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He goes up to his room and phones down to reception telling him there is a problem He lies back on his bed and waits. SEE FULL EPISODE NOW Everyone fancies the lifeguards, a lot of people fantasise about having sex with them.

Robert is a lucky man, he met this tattooed lifeguard the night before, they has great sex, now, Now, it is the morning, and they go for it again, kissing wit...

His boyfriend takes him straight back to his place, and gives him a great, and memorable...

SEE FULL EPISODE NOW Hunky studs David and Grant are really big sports fans.

The templates and web resources will remain here at which will also have a redesign. For family and friends the new address is which is up and running now but still a work in progress.

Everything else will be found at my new domain - which will also have a new design. Why not visit now and bookmark it in readiness for the changeover.

Shame I can't convince her about the rhubarb though!!

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He hasn’t had sex for months, except for a couple of quickies in the showers.Apologies to family and friends for the lack of updates.Can't believe it's been almost a year since I last updated this section (Tempus fugit)! Nobody gives a fuck that Elon musk is working 100 hours a week, and that Marissa Mayer pulling in a 130 hour work week while still breastfeeding her newborns. You should celebrate any day that you don’t have to sell off another part of your company. Fuck you for telling me that TV is a waste of time but you’re all about the Netflix and chill. And I never got a compilation error on a white board, when I need a hash set in Java I just use Hash Set- I don’t fucking care about the complexity of this code block because I can afford another EC2 instance! Everyone there is the CEO of something-something and they’re all building a MVP to disrupt the who gives a fuck market and that hockey-stick growth is guaranteed.

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Fuck your noise cancelling headphones and Pomodoro timers, your fucking to-do lists, apps, notes, sticky notes, and God knows what else. Robot is kind of like you, because you like to geek out on that shit. Keep laughing about how HBO’s Silicon Valley is realistic instead of asking why. I never had to shift a bit in a C array in my life! Fucking DAU’s, WAU’s, MAU’s, ARPU, LTV, CPM, CPI, CPC, PPC, CPA, CTR, SEO, ASO, Yo Y, Wo W, Fuck over Fuck. And the fucking networking events, my fucking lord.

Do me a favor, put your fucking Mac away and go play with your kids. Please stop celebrating every fucking imaginary milestone with whisky, beer, or pizza and beer. Oh, OK, I’ll come work for you because you have the Glenlivet 17 and not the 15. Fuck your eating disorders, why the fuck does everything have to be so extreme with you? Fuck your standing desk, exercise ball desk, laying desk, and treadmill desk. Let me repeat that -NO ONE CAN FUCKING READ THAT FAST. Fuck your references to Malcolm Gladwell and Dan Ariely, and stop fucking quoting Lean Startup, for Christs sake. Fuck “entrepreneurs” nowadays, seriously- Everybody is a fucking entrepreneur now. Fuck your feature flags and endless variants in your A/B testing.

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